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By: Dr. Bruce A. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA

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Every online instructor needs a set of tools, techniques, and strategies to make the process of teaching an online class more effective. Whether you are a first time online instructor or a seasoned professional, there is something you will likely find beneficial for your work within this new book.

This book was written to provide educators with a professional development opportunity from an academic leader and innovative educator. You can choose to read it from beginning to end, or you can choose a chapter to review at the start of each course you are assigned to teach. You may also find it useful to review specific topics of interest after you have conducted a self-assessment at the end of a class.

The purpose of this book is to inspire your work as an online educator, develop engaging instructional practices, connect with students in a meaningful manner, and perform your very best.

CHAPTER 1. Becoming Visible in a Virtual Class 
CHAPTER 2. Working with Online Students 
CHAPTER 3. The Impact of Student Beliefs 
CHAPTER 4. Learning in a Virtual Environment 
CHAPTER 5. Online Class Discussions 
CHAPTER 6. Student-Centered Strategies 
CHAPTER 7. Online Teaching Challenges 
CHAPTER 8. Online Teaching Best Practices 
CHAPTER 9. Professional Development 
CHAPTER 10. Excellence in Online Teaching   
CHAPTER 11. Working as an Online Instructor 

About the Author:

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson is an academic leader and innovative educator with experience in higher education as a Chief Academic Officer, online instructor, and college professor. Dr. J holds a Ph.D. in Education, with a specialization in Postsecondary and Adult Education, and a MBA.

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson has developed expertise in his career with academic program development, curriculum development, instructional design, adult education, distance learning, online teaching, faculty development, career coaching, resume writing, and organizational learning.

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