January 31, 20160

Online Learning

The for-profit online school industry has received a great deal of attention over the past few years and the reasons have involved recruiting practices, low retention rates, and the failure to pay student loan rates. Recently there was an article about one online school that was being audited, specifically regarding the level of faculty to student interactions.

This particular school offers competency-based online degree programs and students are completing their degrees without being enrolled in traditional online classes. The underlying reason for the audit is related to the programs being qualified to receive federal aid. In...

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January 24, 20160

Engage Students in Discussions

Class discussions can be very rewarding but also time-consuming for an instructor in any learning environment. This is especially true for educators when there is a large class-size, a complex course topic, the instructor is an adjunct and has many other responsibilities, or it is the first time an instructor has taught the course.

There are two possible options available when an instructor is faced with the demands of a discussion and the first is to go through the motions and meet the minimal requirements needed to facilitate the class. This can include talking at students and telling them what they need to know. The other...

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January 17, 20160

A You Year Resolution

It's a new year and a time when you may feel hopeful. The holidays have passed and the new year represents a new start and clean slate. It's also a time when people make resolutions that are quickly discarded when the reality of beginning something completely new, different, or challenging begins to feel overwhelming, especially when new habits or existing patterns of thought must be changed.

This is particularly relevant for the development of new career goals. The first of the year finds many people considering new careers, jobs, goals, or outcomes – and underlying those career resolutions are a desire, dream, or hope. But if an...

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January 03, 20160

Maintain Excellence in Online Teaching

As instructors know all too well, not every online class is going to function perfectly with every student performing at their very best. Instructors who are responsible for teaching online classes can experience several potential challenges at any given point in a class. For example, there may be technological issues with the online classroom platform, or challenges related to completing all of the required facilitation duties while managing a class and meeting the required expectations.

What can make online teaching even more challenging are uncooperative students, students who don't seem to review their feedback and are...

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December 27, 20150

Is Critical Thinking Overrated or Under-Utilized in Higher Education?

Critical thinking is listed as a desired skill or preferred outcome within many higher education courses. It is something that students are expected to demonstrate through their involvement in the class and learning activities. It may be listed in a rubric and/or stated in the course syllabus, depending upon the requirements of the program or the school itself. There may be varying degrees as to how it is demonstrated and then evaluated, ranging from occasionally to always within a rubric description. It is a common practice to provide students with...

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December 08, 20150

What Inspires You to Teach

You may remember how you got started as an instructor but do you recall what inspires you to continue teaching? It is your responsibility to meet the requirements of your job but is that enough for you? The instructional duties of an educator requires advanced planning and the development of well-defined time management skills, especially if there are multiple projects or responsibilities to balance at the same time.

If you teach in a traditional classroom you have to plan for a class that typically meets on a specific day of the week and if you teach online it is expected this you...

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November 29, 20150

Career Rut

Most people want a reliable and steady job, one that provides a feeling of security and a sense of accomplishment. A job can serve a variety of purposes and that includes meeting a need for income or serving as part of a specific career plan and becoming a step towards meeting career goals. Over time a job can become the basis for a stable career, one that allows for the development of new skills and provides new opportunities. While stability in a career is important, what happens when that job you value becomes stagnant and no longer feels interesting, or you find that the tasks you are expected to perform do not...

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November 27, 20150

Become Resilient

If you have ever heard someone say, or you've said it yourself, "hang in there, it will be okay" as a means of offering advice when someone else experienced disappointments as a result of conditions on the job or decisions made in his or her career – that is a very vague way of offering assurance that somehow the situation or circumstances will become better. What happens instead is that the person who is experiencing the negative event will likely begin to worry, experience fear, develop self-doubts, or continue to reflect upon what happened and try to answer questions that may have no immediate or satisfactory answer. What can change even the...

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November 27, 20150

Classroom vs Online Teaching

Many educators who begin to teach online believe they can make the transition easily from teaching in a traditional college classroom to an online classroom. What they don't realize, if they don't seek out resources to help them learn how to teach in a virtual environment, is that they are putting themselves and their class at a disadvantage. The reason why is due to the significant difference between classroom teaching and online teaching. It isn't because the principles of adult learning have changed, or the needs of adult students have changed, rather it is due to the change in the format of learning.


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November 08, 20150


For many people self-reflection sounds like something you do when you have the luxury of time. Within a technologically driven society, where a person's attention is constantly being distracted – especially through interactions on social networking websites, people have become accustomed to not spending enough time reflecting upon their personal growth or professional development.

The phrase "personal growth" it is generally associated with an analogy of planting seeds and providing adequate water, while "professional growth" is thought of as career development and establishing goals. But...

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