Professional Development Sale
December 13, 20200

A new year has begun and it is time to set new goals. As an educator, you likely seek resources to help you with continued development of your instructional practice strategies and skills. Dr. J has a professional development sale just for you. There are two books written specifically for development of your online teaching practices: Transform Online Teaching: Expert Strategies and Essential Resources Every Educator Needs, written as a product of his work in the field of distance learning for over 15 years, along with Appreciative Andragogy: Taking the Distance Out of Distance Learning. Both are certain to inspire you to continue to develop the best of your skills.

Would you like to take your online teaching practice to the...

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Charting a Pathway to Success in Life: Setting a Course for Your Destination
December 06, 20200

Are you thinking about the future and feeling hopeful? How has the pandemic changed your view of life, and your dreams of the future life you hoped to achieve? Do you view the year 2020 as having caused a temporary setback, or resulting in something that will cause you to reset your entire life's plan, because of the uncertainty which remains?

There is no question many people found themselves having to rethink how they planned their lives, and the idea of being successful during an international health crisis became more of a matter of survival. What was this year like for you? Could you still think of being successful in some manner? Did you have goals you sought to accomplish?

The topic of success is discussed quite frequently within the self-help industry and I do not...

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