4 Strategies to Become a Transformative Educator
September 19, 20190

When you are assigned a class and students arrive, do you view yourself as a teacher, instructor, or educator? Is your role a function, one which completes tasks and responsibilities, or do you aspire to accomplish more with your students? Do you consider the instructional strategies you use now to be transformative in some manner, or would you like to somehow transform the students you teach?

A person enters the field of education as a profession, either full-time in a traditional academic institution or as an adjunct (or part time) instructor. A traditional full-time professor may likely be responsible for conducting research, teaching, and publishing scholarly work. An adjunct instructor may teach in a community college, traditional college, or an online school. When someone...

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5 Strategies to Help You Learn From Life Lessons
September 02, 20190

What happened the last time you looked back at your life or your career? Did you question any decisions made because of outcomes received? Do you believe your life or career should have or could have been different?

The best strategy to take is to look at the past and view it as old news or something beyond your ability to control now. However, many people cannot let go, or will not let go of the past, even knowing it cannot be undone or changed. As a career coach and educator, I have had heard many negative statements made about past decisions during self-reflection exercises and these comments can be summarized as follows.

I wish that I would have:

Made a Better Decision

Listened to Reason, Instead of Acting on Impulse

Followed My Heart,...

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