How Do You Help a Student Who Feels Hopeless?
October 28, 20170

The start of a new class always carries with it a sense of hope for students and their instructor. This is a time when students are the most likely to listen, read the assigned materials, and make an attempt to complete the required learning activities. From an instructor's perspective, there is an expectation that students are ready to learn and want to learn the course topics. For the most part, students will begin the class by making an effort, at least initially. After the first week of class, reality settles in and this is the time when students will either continue to try, or their effort will wane.

When students make an attempt to understand the course materials, and for some reason they cannot comprehend what they are reading, or they do not understand how to complete an...

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Do You Know How to Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement?
October 15, 20170

What would you say about yourself if you were asked to explain your teaching philosophy as an educator?

You may be surprised with the number of educators who either do not have a teaching philosophy or cannot clearly and concisely articulate (without the use of clichés or generalizations about teaching) what their beliefs may be about learning and teaching. When I was responsible for interviewing faculty for adjunct online teaching positions, many candidates I spoke with had not developed a clearly defined philosophy statement or never thought it was needed for their career. While that did not automatically disqualify them from a teaching position, it does not help them provide a true representation of what could be expected if they were teaching a course.

Every educator...

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