Have You Discovered Your Power to Uplift and Inspire Students?
August 31, 20170

Do you want to teach your students, or would you like to use the power of teaching to also inspire and uplift your students?

Many people view an educator as someone who is a subject matter expert in their chosen discipline, a gatekeeper to a school's policies, and the one who is charged with providing instruction through the teaching strategies he or she has implemented. As a point of reference: When I use the word "teaching" I am not referring strictly to primary education, rather I am using it as a generic term for instruction, as my perspective is written based upon my work in the field of higher education.

Many institutions value credit hours and scholarly publications as the primary criteria for hiring instructors. Yet having qualifications and publishing articles...

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Learn Why Critical Thinking is Critical for Education
August 25, 20170

Critical thinking is a phrase which has become widely used in the field of education, and it is a skill which students are told they must learn, whether or not they understand what it actually means. The challenge is that this phrase can have multiple descriptions when educators are asked to define it. The descriptions provided by students are even more varied and often described using clichés such as "thinking outside of the box", or they can come closer to what this concept means when they relate it to problem-solving.

This poses a challenge for the inclusion of critical thinking in a list of skills students need to learn because there isn't a clear standard regarding how best to teach it, along with an uncertainty about the precise...

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If You've Tried and Failed, What's Next?
August 18, 20170

Whenever you fail, try, try again, or so the saying goes. There has been a great deal written about failure within self-development articles, and the need to embrace it, accept it, and learn from it. It seems there has been so much written about it, many people may begin to expect it to occur as a natural part of their career. Authors often frame failure as one of life's greatest lessons, which may be the primary reason why it is such a popular topic now. The idea of having to overcome something challenging seems like a way to rediscover one's self or renew one's sense of determination.

What's interesting about a time in a person's life when something they call failure has been experienced is that this is not a time when he or she will be receptive to looking at it as a period...

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Can a Job with Repetitive Tasks Be Rewarding?
August 11, 20170

How do you feel when you start a new job? Are you excited, anxious, eager to learn, or a combination of all three of these feelings? Some people are so well trained they can literally begin their assigned tasks without very little instruction, while others may take time to address the newness of the job and try not to become overwhelmed.

Even if there is a learning curve, there is usually a positive feeling associated with starting a new job. This is especially true if the job search took a significant amount of time and was obtained out of necessity. But once you settle into a routine, learn the basic job requirements and expectations, and develop supporting habits, the job may become more manageable and enjoyable.

It is also possible that you may begin to feel as if...

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Career Coaching
August 01, 20170

Finding the purpose for your career may be known early on in life, through a series of jobs, or you may struggle to understand what really interests you no matter how hard you try to find the "right" job or career. This is when people become interested in professional development, mentoring, and even career coaching programs.

Career coaching programs have become popular and yet there is somewhat of a mystery involved because of the number of programs available, and the quality of these programs or coaches may be difficult to assess. The cost of a program can vary significantly, along with the background and experience of the coach. If you are going to make an investment you need to be certain the program has an ability to meet your needs and more importantly, you should be fully...

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