March 28, 20160

Self Confidence

There is one particular quality that makes everyone shine, one that shows through their work and even within their resume. It is having a well-established sense of self-confidence. A person who is self-confident will approach their work with a measure of certainty; possessing self-awareness of the experience and knowledge or know-how needed to get the job done. Even a resume will reflect that self-assuredness through the word choice used and this will also come across through a person's tone during an interview. Being self-confident comes easily for some people, yet others struggle to try and sustain it. For most people this is a feeling that can...

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March 13, 20160

Poor Writing

There is no question that every student, undergraduate or graduate, must learn to write well and often within a short period of time. Through my work as a faculty development specialist I've found that some instructors will diligently pay attention to the development of the academic skills their students are working on, while others see it as a potential area of conflict and too much work – passing students along without offering very much guidance.

I understand their perspective to some degree as it may seem that some students are not reading the feedback and guidance provided and if they are, they may or may not be making an attempt to improve...

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