How to Develop a Mindset for Success for a Job Interview
March 10, 20160

The process of preparing for a job interview may involve a time of stress, indecision, and self-doubt. A successful interview occurs as the result of meaningful interactions between you and the potential employer, which happens when you are prepared, confident, and self-assured. When you are communicating effectively during the interview you are clearly articulating who you are, what you offer, and what you are seeking for your career.

As you prepare for your interview, consider not only what you know about the company and its position – evaluate your state of mind and take time to practice the development of a mindset that is focused on your successful qualities. You may have the perfect resume and a background that aligns well with the position; however, if you do not present...

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Power of Potential
March 09, 20160

Have you discovered the potential you have now, whether it is in your life or your career? Everyone has potential, perhaps more than they realize now or will ever come to fully know in their life because of fear and self-doubt. Your ability to tap into your potential will determine how many successes you have throughout your life, which is especially important for your career. You have the potential to learn, which many people do not realize even though they learn from life experiences every day. Everyone have a potential for personal and professional self-development because of an ability to learn, as long as you are willing to purposefully seek out new knowledge and skills, and develop a supportive mindset.

The awareness of your own potential is important for the...

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