February 28, 20160

Career Success

For some people success seems to happen easily and for others it may seem to elude them. Everyone has experienced some measure of success in their career, even if it involved completing a challenging project or making a contribution to the success of a team. When you think about the times that you have been successful in your career, including your most recent job, do you attribute it to hard work and time on the job, your mindset about working, or is there something else – such as good luck? It can be easy to state that someone who has achieved great success was "in the right place at the right time"; however, that statement minimizes any direct involvement and...

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February 12, 20160

Corporate Training

Corporate training has tremendous potential to promote learning in organizations. There are two primary elements that are responsible for how much potential is realized within the corporate training classroom, and those elements are the materials provided and the method of delivery.

An instructional designer, or someone in a similar role, can develop engaging materials but if the delivery is not well executed, the training will not be as effective as it could. In contrast, if the training materials have not been designed in the most engaging manner, or the material is technical in nature, it is the trainer who can still create positive classroom...

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February 07, 20160

Stuck in a Career Rut

Feeling stuck can occur at any time during someone's career. Most people want a reliable and steady job, one that provides a feeling of security and a sense of accomplishment. A job can serve a variety of purposes and that includes meeting a need for income or serving as part of a specific career plan and becoming a step towards meeting career goals.

Over time a job can become the basis for a stable career, one that allows for the development of new skills and provides new opportunities. While stability in a career is important, what happens when that job you value becomes stagnant and no longer feels interesting, or you find...

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