December 27, 20150

Is Critical Thinking Overrated or Under-Utilized in Higher Education?

Critical thinking is listed as a desired skill or preferred outcome within many higher education courses. It is something that students are expected to demonstrate through their involvement in the class and learning activities. It may be listed in a rubric and/or stated in the course syllabus, depending upon the requirements of the program or the school itself. There may be varying degrees as to how it is demonstrated and then evaluated, ranging from occasionally to always within a rubric description. It is a common practice to provide students with...

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December 08, 20150

What Inspires You to Teach

You may remember how you got started as an instructor but do you recall what inspires you to continue teaching? It is your responsibility to meet the requirements of your job but is that enough for you? The instructional duties of an educator requires advanced planning and the development of well-defined time management skills, especially if there are multiple projects or responsibilities to balance at the same time.

If you teach in a traditional classroom you have to plan for a class that typically meets on a specific day of the week and if you teach online it is expected this you...

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