August 30, 20150

Online Students

Developing conditions in an online classroom that are conducive to learning is challenging enough for instructors but then add to that the need to help students stay motivated and interested in the class, and their work is becomes even more time consuming and difficult to manage. There is a belief among some educators that it is not possible to help students that you cannot see, especially with a quality such as motivation that cannot be visually assessed in a virtual environment. But a student's level of motivation will influence all aspects of their involvement, from their engagement in the class to...

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August 23, 20150

Dr. J

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson is an innovative educator with experience in higher education as an online instructor and college professor, along with work as a corporate trainer and manager of a corporate training development.

Dr. J has developed expertise in his career with adult education, distance learning, online teaching, faculty development, and organizational learning and development.


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August 23, 20150

Negative Beliefs

Getting a good job can be a lot of work and turning it into a long-term career can be even more challenging. Most people believe that making progress in a career requires hard work, dedication, commitment, the development of relevant skills, and perhaps a bit of good luck. While there are many reasons why a person can ultimately succeed or fail in their job there is another factor that can have a significant influence on performance and ultimately the potential realized, and that is the beliefs that a person holds about their abilities and capabilities. If a belief becomes negative and is maintained for an extended period of time, it can get in the way of...

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August 16, 20150

Help Online Students

The retention rate for online schools is low and there are many reasons why students discontinue their degree program, from the cost per credit hour to school policies and the quality of the courses offered. Instructors have little control over many of those factors but what they can help with is the classroom environment that they are responsible for maintaining. With every class students are at risk for failure because of the nature of a virtual environment and interactions with others.

New students have the greatest risk and the most challenging learning curve. When students take their first class it is a time when...

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August 10, 20150

Digital Footprint

The time when job seekers relied solely on the newspaper for job ads has passed and now jobs are often found through online sources such as job boards. The obvious benefit is the ability to find jobs on any given day or time of the week, along with information about potential employers. What job seekers must always keep in mind is that potential employers can also learn about them with a quick search using any search engine.

What can be found is a digital footprint and that is what needs to be monitored on a regular basis. It is possible to sabotage your career potential if you don't monitor your online presence and control how you interact with...

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August 03, 20150

Students and Change

When students are assigned to a class there is a general expectation that they will perform in a fairly uniform manner, which means they are expected to follow the rules, adhere to the school policies, and complete what is expected of them within the timeframe established. As instructors know, not all students are fully prepared to engage in the class or have all of the skills necessary to perform their best. There will likely be students, especially new or newer students, who will need to adapt in some manner and make changes of some kind – especially if they have not attained peak performance. They may not...

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