May 31, 20150

Stay the Course

Any time you think about your current job or career, and you question the decisions you've made that caused you to arrive at this particular point, it may be easy to let self-doubt and negativity take over your thoughts. If this pattern of thinking is allowed to continue for any length of time you will likely find that it can cause you to lose sight of the control you have over your career, regardless of the present circumstances that may seem to be beyond your immediate power to change for the better. A mindset like that can easily become a self-defeating attitude, which will lead to further frustration and stall...

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May 24, 20150

110% Performance

Everyone goes through a natural cycle with their career. The start of a new job is a time when enthusiasm, energy, and professional fulfillment is at its peak. Over time the level of enthusiasm and the feeling of satisfaction may fluctuate as the reality of the job becomes clear, which can influence a person’s performance in a positive or negative manner depending upon the circumstances experienced. The most common factors that can have an impact on how a person performs on the job may include actual work conditions or perceptions about a manager, supervisor, or the company overall. It becomes challenging then not to allow performance to become...

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May 22, 20150

Online Teaching

The work of an online educator can be very demanding because of the nature of facilitating a learning process within a virtual environment when you cannot physically see or interact with your students. It can also be challenging for anyone who is working as an adjunct while balancing other career related responsibilities. For those educators who have already taught online for some time they will likely have developed working habits that either assist them with meeting the contractual faculty requirements or cause them to miss important classroom deadlines or instructional functions. The level of an instructor's involvement in an online class can ultimately...

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May 17, 20150

Engage the Mind of Your Students

The ideal outcome for any class, whether it is a college course or corporate training program, is to have students demonstrate that they were able to meet the course objectives, which could include several factors such as the acquisition of new knowledge or the development of specific skills that are academic or job related. In other words, it is expected that students will have learned about a subject or learned how to do something as a result of their involvement in a class. Yet the reality for many classes is that some students will simply go through the motions without actually learning...

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May 10, 20150

Job Going Nowhere

It is possible that at some point in your career you may begin to feel blocked, stalled, or going nowhere in your job or with your employer. When that occurs you can use it as a time to reflect and redirect your focus, or you can become frustrated and do nothing to change the conditions. Taking no action may seem like the easiest option as it requires little effort on your part. You can talk to your colleagues and friends who may side with you in your feeling of frustration and perhaps the unjust nature of your present circumstances. But that can only intensify the negative feelings you are experiencing, which does not resolve...

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May 03, 20150

Students and Learning

When students walk into class, or enter an online classroom, they are there because it is a mandatory degree requirement or they have a specific need that requires them to acquire specialized knowledge and/or skills for their career. However, just because they are present doesn't mean they are willing participants and are certain to be actively engaged.

They may not become fully involved in their class until they perceive it will be of value and they can complete what is required of them, which means learning may be viewed as a conditional process rather than something they can always benefit from and be...

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May 02, 20150

Hire Me

The process of preparing for a job interview often involves a time of stress, indecision, and self-doubt for many people. A successful interview occurs as the result of meaningful interactions between you and the potential employer, which happens when you are prepared, confident, and self-assured. When you are communicating effectively during the interview you are clearly articulating who you are, what you offer, and what you are seeking for your career. A well-developed resume by itself is never enough.

As you prepare for your interview, consider not only what you know about the company and its position, along with relating your background to the advertised job...

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