February 28, 20150

Learn Self-Reflection

Within a technologically driven society, where our attention is constantly being distracted, most people do not spend enough time intentionally reflecting upon their personal or professional growth. When you read the phrase "personal growth" it is often associated with an analogy of planting seeds and providing adequate water. But experiencing true personal and professional growth is really about cultivating the right conditions. It includes a mindset and an attitude that is necessary to support changes in your life and your career.

The idea of growing personally or professionally is usually born out of a...

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February 22, 20150

Training Promotes Learning from the Inside Out

The ideal outcome for corporate training programs is to put students into a class, provide them with information, and expect that by the end of the class they will be able to meet specific learning outcomes. This includes developing skills, learning processes, and retention of specific knowledge. However, it is possible that many of those participants will leave the class without having produced any immediate results or change in their skillsets and behavior. Another common challenge for training classes is a low retention rate for the information that the participants have been given...

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February 21, 20150

Learn to Communicate Well With Instructors

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills required for students to participate in their classes. Online students have a unique opportunity available to them for communicating with their instructors, if they choose to use it, because they have time to think about what they are going to communicate before they post something in the classroom or send an email. For students in a traditional classroom environment they may either be willing to speak up in class if they feel comfortable doing so or they may have a fear of speaking and fail to get involved unless they...

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February 08, 20150

Innovative Practices for Corporate Training

Anyone who is responsible for the development of corporate training classes and programs, whether this falls within the role of a trainer or instructional designer, knows that what they develop has a potential to promote learning. However, it can be all too easy to rush through the developmental process, create a PowerPoint presentation filled with slides that have an overabundance of words, and believe that simply providing participants with the required information is enough.

The problem with this approach is that retention of the information will be short-term at best and it is perpetuated...

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