February 23, 20141

Peak Performance

As an online student you know how much work is required every week to meet all of the requirements. Over time you develop routines that allow you to accomplish tasks quickly; however, that does not always mean you are performing at your full capacity. There are times when you may be willing to accept minimal performance, if it means getting everything required completed on time. Even when you are functioning at your maximum capacity it does not indicate that you are excelling because hard work does not equate to your personal best. If you want to demonstrate your ability to excel for class discussions and written assignments, you need a strategy that turns...

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February 02, 20140

Emotional Control

At any given moment it is possible to experience a wide range of feelings, such as anticipation, fear, excitement, dread, or happiness. The resulting emotions have an ability to uplift us or bring us down. What we feel often determines how we react and then take action. In an academic environment there is an expectation of emotional control. For an online class the expectation applies to what is expressed in written communication. A problem arises if a student's emotions are not properly managed and there is a lack of composure when interacting with others in the class. It is possible to avoid inappropriate reactions by learning emotional self-...

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