June 17, 20110

If you consider your life right now, whether it is your career, your current job, or the circumstances surrounding your life, and you determine that you aren't where you want to be or should be, don't get mad, get determined. Decide that it is a time for a new plan. Don't discard your dreams or your goals. Don't let present circumstances or your situation determine how you feel about your ability to make progress and move forward towards completion of the goals you've created. Where you are right now is a reference point in a timeline of your life that is not fixed because you are always moving forward, whether or not that progress is moving along with you at the rate you had hoped it would.

It is natural to want more for your life especially when you've established goals...

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June 11, 20110

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the past and the more you allow yourself to do so, the easier it becomes to remember the past and incidents that you would rather not remember? Perhaps something has happened at work that caused you to experience a feeling of frustration or disappointment and that setback caused you to begin reflecting on other moments when you experienced the same type of feelings. What happens in those moments is that we turn our attention away from the future and where it is we would like to go, along with the goals that we have established and are working towards, and we end up getting stuck in reverse.

How do you recognize those times when you are stuck in the past and unable to move forward? You are likely to reach a sticking point when you...

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June 05, 20110

Establishing goals is an effective way of making changes in your life and organizing your intentions. You'll find that this is only a starting point because you must take some form of action if you going to work towards meeting those goals. But what happens along the way is that it becomes easy to get discouraged when we look ahead and see how far we have left to go. There's a familiar saying that talks about the importance of enjoying the journey and not just being focused on the destination. What that journey should consist of are small steps along the way, as those small steps are responsible for the bigger accomplishments. While it is important not to be focused on the past, as that is where you have been, you should still consider how far along you’ve come in this journey of...

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