May 29, 20110

When you consider your present career and where you are right now, in comparison to your short-term and long-term career goals, are you able to list anything that will prevent you from reaching those goals? Is there anything limiting your career or preventing you from making progress? The two most common forms of limitations that get in the way of professional development include those that are based in reality and those that are a result of perceptions. Identifying and addressing your potential limits will allow you to overcome obstacles and develop a career that is controlled by you in a proactive manner.

When you evaluate your present career and career goals it is likely that you may identify actual circumstances or conditions that pose a barrier for your future plans....

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May 21, 20110

When do you see value in your career and more importantly what you offer an employer in terms of your talents and abilities? Do you fully realize what you're capable of doing and the capacity that you have to learn? The concept of self-worth is often an elusive subject for many people because they see their worth as being tied to a specific organization or job that they depend upon. But true self-worth should only depend on you. So how do you see the value of self-worth and feel good about yourself? The best of approach is to utilize the power of your emotions and the strength of your beliefs.

Consider the times when you felt good in general about your well-being. That may have been a time when you took care of yourself, you participated in some form of physical activity, or...

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May 15, 20110

Have you ever considered that every day offers you a fresh start? When you wake up in the morning you can face the daily routine of your career just as you have every day prior and hope that over time you will make progress towards your goals. Instead of reactively looking at the past and allowing it to keep your focus on the past you can proactively look forward and turn hope into action. You get to choose the details of your life through the power of what you focus upon and the determination you use to make it happen.

When things change in your life beyond your control, or things happen to you or your career that you did not count on, you are put into a position of having to act. The necessity of that moment pushes you forward to do something. When progress does not occur...

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May 01, 20110

Anyone who is interested in developing their career or their skill sets are likely to find the bookshelves filled with numerous self-help books. There will be books designed with a specific skill in mind or they may focus on qualities such as self-motivation, determination, and positive thinking. Some people discount self-help books as nothing more than feel good material that has no lasting impact on a person's life. I would challenge you to consider that self-help books, along with self-help seminars and workshops, does hold value and can have a powerful impact on a person's professional development. Why are self-help books and seminars powerful? It is due to the fact that they help to interrupt negative thought patterns and they also pave the way for a renewed sense of self.

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