March 27, 20110

When you see the phrase self-determination, what immediately comes to mind? Do you think of the potential that you have to overcome any situation or does it seem like an elusive quality you are struggling to obtain? It is easy to feel motivated when everything seems to be going your way. When there are events that cause you to feel that the world around you is changing and somehow everything seems uncertain, then the ability to develop determination and perseverance may be more challenging. If there are particular issues within your career where you feel as if you are not making progress, or you believe that you do not have control over your career, your sense of frustration may be greater.

As you are working within your career or on your job it may feel as if you're moving...

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March 19, 20110

Does every decision you make about your career or your life have to be the “right” one? What does it mean to make the right decision? Often when we think about making a decision that seems to hold importance we gauge the potential outcome of that decision by the possible reaction of others, the results experienced from prior decisions, or a need to make logical and rational decisions. Let’s consider what it means to make a decision from a perspective of professional development and personal growth.

When you consider what is right for your career and you aren’t certain that you are making what “should” be the right decision, ask yourself this question: Who decides what’s right? Everyone has a set of values that guides their decision-making process. If you are deciding whether...

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March 13, 20110

We all have dreams, ambitions, hopes, and wishes. Whether we hope for a better life, an improved career, or something different in any aspect of our life, it is natural to think of what might be. Some of these dreams are realized, some are forgotten, and some are even lost over time. Our ambitions or desire for something different may also be a source of inspiration that motivates us to action, or it may be a source of frustration that keeps holding us back over time. Typically when we feel a sense of regret it's because we are looking back at the amount of time that has gone by without realizing all of the changes we would like to make.

Instead of looking back, take a look at the present and learn to focus your thoughts forward. Do you realize the power of this moment? You...

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March 06, 20110

As you prepare for an interview, consider your career up to this point, and reflect on your past, have you considered the lens through which you view your life? Is your view of reality real? Would the background that you convey be considered the absolute truth? There is factual information that can be verified, such as dates of employment and job responsibilities. The details concerning your job performance, professional development, strengths, and weaknesses are more subjective in nature and often a reflection of your interpretation, which in turn are influenced by feelings and emotions. You have an ability to not only establish what you want to do with your career, but you can also determine how you will remember the past and how you will allow it to guide your future.


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