January 30, 20110

There are two types of change for a career seeker. The first is a result of present circumstances, where there is a hope for change and improved conditions. This feeling of wanting change may or may not lead to action, depending upon the discomfort or severity of these circumstances. The second type of change is a true desire for improvement and it is usually followed by some type of concrete action, which may begin with the formation of a plan or goals. Readiness for change occurs when the career seeker begins taking steps towards an improved outcome or set of results.

Moving from hope for change to a true desire for change happens because of learning and continued growth. Learning can take place in a formal or structured setting, such as classroom training or a continuing...

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January 23, 20110

As the end of January approaches, how do you feel about your “You” Year Resolution? Have you begun to think about your career and what you would like to accomplish this year? For many career seekers the word “resolution” itself can be intimidating because it suggests that a big change must be made. And with the start of a new year there is often a feeling that this change must begin immediately, which can also lead to frustration when immediate results are not observed. If you want to make a change with your career now is the time to review your plan and progress made, so that you can continue moving towards your desired changes and maintain momentum. The desire to make a change is never enough; it must be followed by action through the development of a well-thought out plan.

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January 02, 20110

Welcome to 2011!! A new year has begun and for career seekers this often comes with a time of self-reflection. Now that the holiday season is over with it is natural to evaluate results from the previous year and reflect upon what direction to take for the upcoming year. Many feel a sense of hope that a new year will bring about new changes, improved results, or a different outcome. What lessens the potential positive impact of this time of self-renewal is starting with a deficit-based approach. Often New Year’s resolutions start from a negative perspective that emphasizes what qualities, skills, or resources that the career seeker is lacking. This can lead to discouragement and loss of momentum, which is the reason why many resolutions are forgotten about, abandoned, or discontinued...

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