Can You Tell When Any Student Is at Risk for Failure?
February 17, 20170

If you were to ask an instructor which students in a particular class were likely to fail, the easiest indicator would be grades as that presents evidence of students who are not making significant progress. As most educators know, grades present only one aspect of the learning process and it is still possible that any student can be at risk for failure – even those students who are peak performers. While some students can excel, regardless of classroom conditions, most experience fluctuations in their performance throughout their academic journey. Every student presents an instructor with an opportunity to have a direct impact on their ongoing development, especially if they are aware of the risk factors present at every level of performance.

I have been actively involved in...

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Do You Know Why a LinkedIn Profile Matters for Your Career?
February 17, 20170

Looking for a new job, and developing long-term career prospects, is vastly different than it was even a few years ago –  and one of the most important driving factors is the increased reliance upon online application forms and professional social networking websites. Consider the process of applying for a job as it used to be and how it is now. It seems that the time when you would print out a resume copy and mail it to a potential employer is long gone, or is at least a very rare occurrence, and that is largely due to the use of electronic submissions and the potential to apply for some positions by email.

Along with these changes in the method of submitting a resume are strategies used by employers to investigate potential new hires. It is very common now for employers to...

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Jumpstart Your Career Plans
February 17, 20170

A new year brings about a sense of a new beginning for many people, as it can feel like an opportunity to create a fresh start. It is during this time that new goals are formed, often related to health and fitness. The start of a new year also serves as a time to consider developing or renewing career goals. Now is the optimal point to examine what you have done to move forward with your career plans and develop momentum, especially if you believe you will be starting or continuing a job search.

Most job fields are highly competitive and that usually means there will be a large number of applicants applying for job postings. Even if there are only a handful of applicants, you still must stand out in a positive manner if you are going to increase the likelihood that a potential...

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You Can Learn to Prepare for Online Teaching as a Career
February 15, 20170

Are you interested in becoming an online instructor?

Are you just beginning your career as an online instructor?

Or would you like to advance your current online teaching practice?

If so, there is a brand new program that has been developed by The Center for Advanced Professional Development. This was created by Dr. Bruce A. Johnson, who has extensive experience with online teaching, course development and curriculum design, along with faculty development experience.

There are many resources available for online instructors but there is one place where you can find classes that will provide what you need for your professional development: The Center for Advanced Professional Development.

Professional development is an important aspect of a person's...

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Advanced Online Teaching Strategies
February 15, 20170

Would You Like to Learn Advanced Online Teaching Strategies?

Have you taught online courses and wanted to develop your online teaching skills further?

This course provides the professional development you need to be a successful online instructor. This course is the study of online teaching practices for instructors who have experience with the facilitation of online classes, from beginning to advanced experience.

This course presents advanced teaching strategies that will enhance any online instructor's practice and help to create the development of conditions that promote learning in the classroom. One of the important aspects of this course is the application of the topics to practical classroom facilitation. This is a...

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Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning
February 15, 20170

Would You Like to Learn to Learn How to Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning?

This is a unique course that is based upon Dr. J's dissertation study and research. Dr. J developed Appreciative Andragogy during his doctoral studies, with his intention of creating a new instructional strategy for online teaching. The phrase Appreciative Andragogy is a combination of Appreciative Inquiry (an organizational developmental strategy) and Andragogy (the principle of teaching adults). The result of Dr. J's work was a dissertation and research study titled, Appreciative Andragogy: Taking the Distance Out of Distance Learning. The findings of the research study were published in the Online Learning journal,...

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Adult Education Basics for Instructors
February 15, 20170

Would You Like to Learn Adult Education Basics?

How does an instructor transform their instructional practice and become a highly engaging and transformational educator?

They accomplish this goal by learning adult education basics, which includes concepts, theories, and strategies. That was the journey that the creator of this course Dr. J was on when he decided to begin a master's degree, and then a doctorate degree, with a specialization in postsecondary and adult education. He discovered that the process of acquiring knowledge about adult learning was transformative, helping him evolve from an instructor to an educator or someone who can effectively teach adults and facilitate the adult learning process.

This course is...

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How Do You Make a Difference for Your Students?
February 11, 20170

What do you believe students remember most about the courses they have taken? Is it the course, the school, their grades, their instructors, or something else? As I reflect upon the courses I took as a student, which wasn't too long ago, I do not remember many of the textbooks I've read, discussions I was involved in, videos I watched, or written assignments I had to complete. What I do remember are some of my instructors – those who inspired me and encouraged me to perform my very best, and those who taught me what I should never do as an instructor. In other words, the most vivid memories I have involved those instructors who stood out for extraordinarily outstanding instructional methods, especially those who took time to develop a personal connection with me, and those who were...

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What Is the Secret to Student Success?
February 02, 20170

Within the field of higher education, one of the important metrics for gauging the effectiveness of programs is student retention. Retention measures the number of students that a school has been able to keep in their programs and in contrast, attrition measures the number of students who have withdrawn – either voluntarily or involuntarily. Another important word for this field is persistence, and that is meant as a student measurement. While retention and persistence may seem to measure the same criteria, I have made a distinction based upon the actions taken. For example, a school may have retention programs in place; whereas, helping students succeed in their programs bolsters their ability to persist and continue to make progress.


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Here's Why Every Student Needs Your Time and Attention
January 26, 20170

Let's face it, teaching adult students takes a great deal of time and energy. When you are assigned a large class size, the number of students and associated responsibilities that are vying for your attention increases and this can create a time crunch. If you teach courses in a traditional college classroom you know how much time it takes to develop lectures and grade papers or exams. Online instructors, especially in the for-profit online school industry, may not have to develop course materials – but they usually have weekly discussions and feedback expectations that demands a significant investment of time. For example, one online school expects their instructors to be involved in class discussions during five out of seven days, provide...

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