Do You Need Direction and a Sense of Purpose in Your Career?
July 20, 20170

Career coaching programs have become very popular and yet there is a bit of mystery involved because of the number of programs that are available, and the quality of these programs may be difficult to assess. In addition, the cost of a program can vary significantly, along with the background and experience of the coach. If you are going to make an investment of this nature then you need to be certain the program has an ability to meet your needs and more importantly, you need to be fully informed and aware of the factors that make a good coach and the qualities that are indicative of a meaningful program. Finding a coach is easy; the challenge is finding the right one – and a program that is a good fit for you.


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What Inspires You to Teach
July 20, 20170

You may remember how you got started as an instructor, but do you recall what inspires you to continue teaching? The instructional duties of an educator require advanced planning and well-defined time management skills, especially if you have multiple projects or responsibilities to balance. If you teach in a traditional classroom you have to plan for class that typically meets on a specific day of the week; and if you teach online, it is expected you will be actively engaged in your class throughout the week.

What inspires you to devote the time necessary to create a meaningful learning experience, knowing that you will need to make a significant commitment of your time? Yes, it is your responsibility to meet the requirements of your job, but what drives you to succeed? Is it...

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Will a Doctorate Degree Provide Long-Term Career Benefits?
June 24, 20170

Completing a doctorate degree is a significant accomplishment. This achievement represents the culmination of hard work, extensive critical thinking and research about the chosen field of interest, and the result is a contribution made in the form of new ideas, thoughts, plans, methodologies, and/or actionable recommendations.

Consider in contrast, the number of individuals who complete their coursework but not the dissertation portion of the doctorate program. Current research shows there is an unprecedented number of individuals who are at the "all but dissertation" or ABD phase, and it is unknown what weight or influence a doctorate degree with the initials ABD in the title may have, if any at all.

Also consider that a doctorate degree, in academia, is the highest...

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The Self-Titled Expert is On The Rise: Can Anyone Be a SME?
June 09, 20170

There is an interesting trend occurring, one which is becoming prominent because of career-related websites such as LinkedIn, and it is the increase in the number of individuals who are an expert in a particular subject, career field, or career specialty. I've noticed an increase in the number of experts, especially after the recession, and it has been a way for individuals to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market. As I review professional profiles and resumes from the perspective of a career coach and resume writer, the challenge I find for many is this: while it may be easy to state you are an expert in some particular subject or field, what can you do to support it?

This is not to state that there is not a need for experts or that it is not a helpful method of...

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Human Resources
May 21, 20170

How ironic: A personnel department used to be personable, yet a "Human" Resources department is no longer "Human". - Dr. Bruce A. Johnson

There is a trend occurring in the field of human resources, more specifically the field of talent acquisition, and I am not the only one who has noticed it. The challenge for discussing it is the assumption it is based upon disgruntled job seekers or overworked, and possibly understaffed, human resources departments.

I am certain there are many who work in this field who may not feel comfortable with the spotlight I am going to shine, on an issue which has been growing for some time now, yet it is at a point where we should be discussing it.

What is the issue? The growing lack of basic respect by human...

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Words of Inspiration
April 15, 20170

Could you use an uplifting start to your day?

Do you feel moments of frustration or uncertainty?

Dr. J would like to share words of inspiration with you.

Dr. J is an educator, faculty development specialist, career coach, and career development specialist. He believes in the power of a positive mindset and has been helping students, clients, and faculty find their potential by teaching self-empowerment.

Please check back on a regular basis for new quotes to inspire and empower you.

July 21 2017

June 29 2017


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Do You Use Strict Discipline With Adult Students?
April 04, 20170

I expect you to listen during my class lectures.

Here, let me help you. I can provide you with the answer.

As an educator, are you someone who is tough on students because you believe strict discipline is essential to their growth and development? Or do you believe in an approach that is kinder, much more easy-going and laid back when it comes to helping students – even to the point of being willing to give students the answers they need?

A disciplinarian is the traditional educator who upholds policies, processes, and procedures without exceptions. Those instructors are usually not counted among the favorites by students; except for those students who are excelling and find that strict discipline is necessary for them to continue to do well....

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This Critical Element Determines the Outcome of Your Job Search
March 29, 20170

Are you looking for a job? Or do you plan to look for a job in the near future?

Those questions represent the most common reasons why someone would begin to look at their resume and decide if it needs to be updated. What most people discover over time is that their resume should always be update-to-date as job changes can occur suddenly and without any prior warning. But most people wait until a resume is needed and it is at this time that a decision is made to try to refine and update it, or leave it as is and hope that it will be sufficient enough to gain a recruiter or hiring manager's attention. There is a misconception that because resumes are rarely mailed out any longer, they are not that important. Yet many online application forms still request that a resume copy be...

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Here's How You Help Students Develop an "I Can" Attitude
March 29, 20170

Teaching adult students is a rewarding experience as I have found them to be goal driven and motivated to learn something they can apply to their lives or careers. When they make an investment in a degree program it is usually done with an expectation that it will be of benefit for them in some manner, whether immediately or upon graduation. When I am engaged and highly involved in the class, students believe they are receiving something of value – and that motivates me to perform my best as an educator.

I know that it is natural for some students to lose interest in the course topics, discussions, or assignments over time. If I have established a good relationship with them, and I have been responsive to their requests and questions, I am able to help keep them engaged during...

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What Should You Do When Academic Performance Declines?
March 17, 20170

As an educator, I care about my students – all of them. Even the students who challenge me and occasionally cause me to walk away from my laptop for a short break. I believe it stems from my belief in the potential that every student has to learn, even if students do not learn at the same pace or comprehend the course topics at the same time. Most of the classes that I have taught have been online, and I have enjoyed teaching in a virtual learning environment – even though it was challenging at first when I could not see the students like I could when I was teaching in a traditional classroom. Over time I developed an ability to tell when students are engaged in the class and when students are slowly starting to disengage. I know that some form of outreach is needed when students are...

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