Your Next Job Depends Upon a Well-Written Resume

Whether you are looking to change your career, find a new job, or increase your marketability: you need a resume that truly represents your skills, abilities, career achievements, career interests and goals.  

The next time you want to respond to a job posting, consider the importance of what a resume means for this job application. When your resume is sent out it represents you and creates a first impression that can either be positive or negative.

Throughout my work as a resume writer I've reviewed resumes that contained spelling, grammar, sentence structuring, and formatting errors; along with consistency issues with the style and format. Why does the look of your resume matter? When you go on an interview it is likely you will pay attention to the details, which includes how you dress and how you speak. Your resume also needs that level of attention to detail.

A Unique Approach to Creating Resumes by Dr. J

My approach to resume writing is unique as I create a custom made resume for you. When you send a resume to a potential employer you have to make a strong impression and generate interest within a short period of time.  I will create a resume for you that provides more than a chronological listing of your jobs. Your new resume will be focused on your skill sets and accomplishments.

I utilize a very personalized approach that turns your resume into a powerful marketing tool for your career. This skill-based approach to resume writing has helped all types of career seekers, including the career seeker wanting to update their resume, change jobs, or make a career change; and it is also effective for the recent graduate who is turning part-time work into a new career. 

Standard Resume Service:

Standard Resume Service: A Total Investment in Your Career for $250.00

  • This includes a resume, cover letter, and matching reference list document.
  • The resume will be sent in the following versions: Word document, PDF, and plain text. This allows you to email, print, or copy the resume.

Management and Technical Resume Service:

Management and Technical Resume Service: A Total Investment in Your Career for $325.00

This is a great value for a professionally written resume and cover letter. 

By using the services of Affordable Quality Writing you are making an important investment in your career.

Career Coaching by Dr. J:

Dr. J also offers an innovative career coaching program if you would like to help discover your career purpose. To learn more please visit: Career Coaching