Professional development is an important aspect of a person's career development. Every employer expects that their employees will continue to learn and acquire new knowledge. For many careers this means taking courses, webinars, and even enrolling in degree programs. Some employers still offer tuition reimbursement; however, the amount available for employees has been decreasing significantly across many industries over the past few years. If you are an educator and work in the field of higher education, ongoing professional development is a requirement.

The question then becomes a matter of how to find quality sources for professional development courses, and more importantly, at an affordable cost. It is from this need that the Center for Advanced Professional Development was created, to provide high-quality, affordable courses that cover a wide range of subjects. These courses have been developed by Dr. Bruce A. Johnson, an innovative educator with extensive experience in the field of higher education, distance learning, online teaching, faculty development, and career development.

More importantly, you will be working directly with Dr. J for each course lesson. Dr. J will provide mentoring and guidance through feedback provided with all assignments.

The courses offered will provide you with a professional development opportunity, without having to make a significant investment or enrolling in a degree program. While CEUs are not offered, you will receive a certificate after the completion of each course and you can display your accomplishment on your resume.

Important Notes:

  • These are online professional development courses and there is no formal classroom attendance requirement.
  • In addition, there are no deadlines for each Lesson. You can work at your own pace.
  • The first course that is available now has 12 Lessons. With each Lesson there is a mini assignment that you submit to Dr. J via email for personalized, one-on-one mentoring and guidance. For each Lesson there are also assigned resources to review and a detailed overview that was written by Dr. J. There is a final cumulative assignment that is an action plan for you to use and apply the concepts you have studied. There are no quizzes. As part of the fee, you will receive a complimentary, autographed copy of Dr. J's book that the course was built from.

To learn more, please visit the Center for Advanced Professional Development and take a free preview course.

Here's to discovering what you can learn,

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson

About Dr. J

Dr. Bruce A. Johnson is the founder of the Center for Advanced Professional Development. Dr. J has been working in the field of higher education and distance learning since 2005, with roles that have included Chief Academic Officer, online instructor, college instructor, and online faculty development specialist. Dr. J has also acquired significant experience with instructional design and curriculum development, having developed hundreds of online courses for bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs.

Dr. J is also a professional writer, resume writer, learning and development consultant, and career coach. Dr. J has published over 160 online articles related to adult education, higher education, distance learning, online teaching, and career development. Prior to working in the field of higher education, Dr. J worked in a corporate environment as a manager of a training and development team.

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