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The world is in the middle of a crisis, the likes of which most people have not experienced in their lifetime. The fear of an unknown "enemy" is perhaps more frightening than any previous threat. This crisis has caused almost all classes to move to an online platform, which means educators are no longer interacting with their learners face-to-face. While there are methods of directly connecting, such as virtual meeting rooms, the physical presence is absent. This makes the use of static words our primary form of communication, and one which must be carefully thought out now.

What you say and what you do as an educator shapes how your students view the world, how they participate in the learning process, and more importantly, your words have a direct impact on their level of motivation, determination, and persistence. Do you know the power you have given to your words right now?

As an educator, you have to be careful about what you can and cannot say to your learners about the crisis. However, you can encourage your learners to use their reasoning and critical thinking skills as they interact with the world around them. You can teach your learners to not be swayed by emotions and instead, use logic when evaluating statements. In other words, there are steps you can take to indirectly prepare your learners for the harsh reality of what they are hearing and reading, even if you are not addressing the issues themselves.

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