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We all have dreams, ambitions, hopes, and wishes. Whether it's a better life, improved career, or some other in aspect of our lives, it is natural to think of what might be. Some dreams are realized, some forgotten, and some are even lost over time.

Our ambitions or desire for something different may also be a source of inspiration that motivates us to action, or it may be a source of frustration that keeps holding us back. Typically when we feel a sense of regret it's because we look back at the amount of time that's gone by and wish we had made better decisions.

This is evermore present when a time of crisis occurs.

Instead of looking back, take a look at the present and learn to focus your thoughts forward. Do you realize the power of this moment? You can decide right now to make a change and it begins with the words "I will". 

Today, decide that you will take control of your life. Make a step towards an improvement in your life. Ask yourself, where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What is something you can do that is within your reach? Often when a dream or wish feels far away, you can get discouraged. Bring it closer to you now by taking small steps. For example, allocate ten minutes a day to reflect and remember what inspires you.

Why is this important during a time of crisis?

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