Are you planning your professional development goals? Would you like to continue to advance your skills as an educator, without having to pay the high costs of conference fees or take the time necessary to attend seminars? Even finding time to schedule webinars can be challenging as well.

As an educator you gain significant experience on the job just by working with students. However, there are basics of adult education you can continue to learn and gain new perspectives about which can further enhance your teaching strategies. When you invest in your ongoing professional development, the returns are immediate as the knowledge produces new strategies, methods, and ways of teaching, interacting, and communicating with your students. It is of benefit for you and your students.

Dr. Johnson has several resources available to help you meet your professional development goals, which can be taken with you and read whenever you have a few minutes available. There are also resources you can download and save to your computer or mobile device for easy access.

The First Option to Consider: Resources Signed by the Author

The following titles are available now signed by the author Dr. Johnson:

Appreciative Andragogy: Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

Are you teaching online classes and interested in an instructional strategy that could help to strengthen your relationships with students, while also influencing their level of performance, motivation, and engagement?

Added Bonus: You will also be provided with the worksheets used in this study and this will provide you with tools to use in your online classes.

Transform Online Teaching: Expert Strategies and Essential Resources Every Educator Needs

Online teaching is not just about learning how to set up an online classroom and adding learning resources; it is a matter of how the class is taught and the manner of instruction used. To become an effective online instructor there must be thought given as to how the technological tools will be used, how to translate traditional communication into digital communication, and how to evolve from an instructor who stands in front of a class and directs the flow of conversations and interactions to someone who can facilitate and guide the learning process, while keeping students interested and engaged in the course.

Getting Down to Business: A Handbook for Faculty Who Teach Business

Are you teaching business courses or plan to teach business courses soon? Whether you are teaching business courses in a traditional classroom or online, you need specific tools and strategies to become effective with your instructional practice. This is why Dr. Johnson has written his book, Getting Down to Business: A Handbook for Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty Who Teach Business.

Transform Online Teaching & Appreciative Andragogy Educator Bundle

Every online instructor needs a set of tools, techniques, and strategies to make the process of teaching an online class more effective. Whether you are a first time online instructor or a seasoned professional, there is something you will likely find beneficial for your work within these books.

Note: The shipping rate for mailing within the United States is only $2.50.

Another Option to Consider: A Downloadable PDF

What is a downloadable PDF version of a book? It is a book which contains hyperlinks from the table of contents that allows you to read those sections you are most interested in. More importantly, this PDF version can be read on your computer or any other mobile device.

The following titles are available now from Dr. Johnson as a downloadable PDF:

Transform Adult Education: Expert Teaching Strategies for Educators

Transform Online Teaching: Expert Strategies and Essential Resources Every Educator Needs

Appreciative Andragogy: Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning

About Dr. Johnson

Dr. Johnson has worked in the field of higher education and distance learning since 2005. He specializes in distance learning, adult education, faculty development, online teaching, career management, and career development. Dr. J has a Ph.D. in Postsecondary and Adult Education, a Certificate in Training and Performance Improvement, and a Master of Business Administration, MBA. Presently Dr. J is a Core Faculty member for one of the premiere online universities, fulfilling his life's mission to teach, mentor, write, and inspire others.

As a scholar practitioner, Dr. J was published in a scholarly journal and he has been a featured presenter at an international distance learning conference. He has also published over 200 online articles about adult learning, higher education, distance learning, online teaching, and career development.

About Affordable Quality Writing

Dr. J founded Afforded Quality Writing in 2003 to offer skill-based resume writing and strengths-based career coaching. Dr. J helps hundreds of clients each year by providing a well-written and highly effective resume, along with instilling in them a renewed self-confidence and sense of purpose.

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