Dr. J

Dr. J's purpose as an academic educator, leader, author, writer, mentor, and coach: Teach, write, and inspire others.

Dr. J's background, experience, and education includes:
•    Academic Leader: Chief Academic Officer, Dean, Faculty Director, Dissertation Mentor
•    Faculty Development Specialist and Director: Trained, mentored, and evaluated faculty.
•    Educator: 12+ years online teaching experience, with additional experience in traditional, on-ground college classes.
•    Advanced Education: Ph.D. Postsecondary and Adult Education, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Certificate in Training and Performance Improvement.
•    Curriculum Writer, Developer, Author: Authored hundreds of courses in a wide range of subjects, including courses for BA, MBA, and DBA programs.
•    Solopreneur: 15+ years resume writing, career coaching, organizational development consulting, and project-based assignments as a remote-based employee.
•    Author, Writer: 200+ online articles (higher education, adult education, career development), five books, and a scholarly journal article.
•    Conference Presentation: Featured presenter at an international distance learning conference.
•    Business Manager: Manager of Training and Development in a corporate training environment.

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Dr J

About Dr. J

Dr. J's Mission: Teach, Write, and Inspire Others as an academic educator, leader, author, writer, and mentor.

Dr. J has been working as a remote, telecommuter in the field of higher education and distance learning since 2005, with roles including Chief Academic Officer, Dean, Faculty Director, Dissertation Mentor, online instructor, faculty workshop facilitator, and faculty development specialist. Dr. J also has significant experience with curriculum development, having developed hundreds of courses for corporate training programs, along with bachelors, masters, and doctorate college degree programs.

Dr. J founded Afforded Quality Writing in 2003 to offer skill-based resume writing and strengths-based career coaching. Dr. J helps hundreds of clients each year by providing a well-written and highly effective resume, along with instilling in them a renewed self-confidence and sense of purpose.

Dr. J writes blog posts, articles, and books to inform, inspire, and empower readers. Dr. J has published over 200 online articles related to adult education, higher education, distance learning, online teaching, and career development.

Dr. J's new book is available as a downloadable PDF, and as an eBook:

Dr. J has also published the following resources:

  • Transform Online Teaching: Expert Strategies and Essential Resources Every Educator Needs
  • Appreciative Andragogy: Taking the Distance Out of Distance Learning
  • Getting Down to Business: A Handbook for Adjunct Faculty Who Teach Business
  • To learn more about these affordable resources, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/z5wve3w

Contact Dr. J: Phone Number: 636-795-4137

Email: PROFBRUCE@att.net

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrBruceAJohnson

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drbruceajohnson/

Dr. J's Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/drj